HT MIDI Interface 2
MIDI Interface for Blackstar™ Amps

The HT MIDI Interface 2 is the ultimate companion for your Blackstar™ Venue series amp with DB-9 footswitch connector.


The HT MIDI Interface 2 can control all 4 switch functions for your Blackstar™ Venue series Amp as well providing 2 True-Bypass audio loops (Basically our Tap Dance™ built in) and 2 footswitch jacks to control any other gear that takes a latching or momentary footswitch.

The HT MIDI Interface 2 is competely programmable from the front panel. Select a program, set your outputs and click store.

Wanna change your MIDI channels or CC#'s? Easy peasy from the front panel. No dip switches or pressing some combo of buttons while powering up.

EASY to use, INTUITIVE interface.

Presale Info:

Presale open now. Options to pay in full for a discounted price and to pay half down towards the $289 street price are available.

Shipping Late October / Early November